BBC Viewers Shocked After Zoom Interview with Guest Takes X-Rated Turn [VIDEO]

The woman was being interviewed for a segment on how women are dealing with the lockdown and unemployment during the coronavirus pandemic.

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A woman has gone viral after making an appearance on a BBC Wales news segment with a NSFW object perched on a bookshelf behind her.

On Tuesday night, a group of Cardiff-based women were being interviewed about the effect the ongoing pandemic has had on employment, with many saying they have been struggling to get work.

BBC Interview
A still from the segment that aired on BBC Wales on Tuesday night. Twitter

One of the women, Yvette Amos, also offered her views on the subject from what appeared to be her study. However, as Amos talked about how people were being "passed over" for jobs, viewers found their eyes strangely drawn to an object lurking over her right shoulder. Watch the video below:

Twitter Reactions

Stunned viewers noticed that among the many objects on display in the background, including books, board games, and wall art, was a large pink-colored dildo sitting on the top shelf.

"Perhaps the greatest guest background on the BBC Wales news tonight. Always check your shelves before going on air," wrote one Twitter user, alongside a screengrab of the interview. "Ummm who is this absolute queen who was on BBC Wales Today earlier?" tweeted another.

The X-rated item caused quite a stir on social media with viewers joking about the presence of the sex toy on the woman's shelf. "Was that on the 6"-Cock News?," quipped one user, while another joked, "There's no way this wasn't purposeful."

"What a cock up.. .but in fairness she looks well happy," jibed another.

The dildo even had its own Twitter handle on the micro-blogging platform. "Just sat in the middle of my top shelf minding my own business," the Twitter bio read.

While some users focused their attention on the dildo, others seemed to be more concerned about the bloody handprints on the room door.

This is not the first time a TV interview has left someone red-faced. Earlier this month, a Belgian mayor was caught without his trousers after the interviewer noticed his bare legs in the mirror behind the lawmaker, as previously reported. In November, NBC News reporter Ken Dilanian was caught uttering profanities during a live TV interview and in a separate incident, a Brazilian TV show host was interviewing a presidential candidate when his naked wife crouched past behind him during a live broadcast.