Man Finds Out Shocking Truth About Wife While Looking for Directions on Google Maps Street View

A man was looking up directions to a famous bridge in Lima, Peru using Google Maps' Street View feature when he stumbled upon his wife romancing another man.

A Peruvian man was just looking for directions on Google Maps when he got more than he bargained for – his wife cozying up with another man.

Google Maps' Street View is a feature that allows users to explore different locations from ground view but it helped one user find out the horrifying truth about his wife's infidelity.

Woman Identified by Her Clothing

Google Street View

A man in Peru was looking up ways to get to a popular bridge in the Peruvian capital city of Lima using the popular feature when he spotted a couple near the city's Puente de Los Suspiros de Barranco, or the Bridge of Sighs.

The woman, wearing a black top, white shirt and boots, was stroking the hair of a man, clad in blue jeans and a white shirt while lying on a bench with his head in her lap.

Although the faces were blurred out, he realized that the woman's clothes were identical to those belonging to his wife. Upon closer inspection, he realized that it was none other than his beloved wife romancing her lover.

Google Maps Street View affair
The image of the man's wife and her lover on Google Maps' Street View. Twitter

The photo, taken by a Google car equipped with a 360-degree camera, dates back to 2013 but the man angrily confronted his wife with the evidence of her past infidelity. The wife admitted to her extra-marital relationship and the husband later filed for divorce from his cheating spouse.

Affairs Exposed by Street View

This isn't the first time a similar mapping feature has exposed a partner's affair. A similar incident happened in 2009, after a British woman stumbled upon her husband's Range Rover on Street View outside a friend's home. The Sun reports she confirmed her husband's identity not because of his appearance but by the flashy rims on his vehicle.

In 2013, a Russian woman found out about her fiancé's affair using the Russian equivalent of Google Maps.

Marina Voinova was using the Street View-like feature to look up an address on Yandex Maps when she saw her future husband, in the arms of another woman, his ex-girlfriend. Voinova identified the man from a cast he was wearing when he broke his arm the previous year. The man confessed to the affair and the couple split up shortly after.