Spanish news anchor allegedly caught cheating live with naked woman during Coronavirus lockdown

The news anchor Alfonso Merlos says he broke up with former girlfriend Marta López, which she denies

Alfonso Merlos, a Spanish news anchor was caught cheating on his girlfriend Marta López, former Big Brother contestant, after a naked woman appeared behind him during a live broadcast. The semi-naked woman was later identified as journalist Alexia Rivas.

The 41-year-old was hosting the live news segment on the Estado de Alarma channel when a nude Rivas walked behind him unaware.

How were Merlos and Rivas caught?

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In the incident which took place last week, when Merlos was hosting on the Estado de Alarma channel live on YouTube from his home. Even though Merlos was unaware of nude Rivas walking behind, the viewers were quick to notice that the woman wasn't his girlfriend Lopez.

The clip soon went viral, with many accusing Merlos of cheating on his girlfriend during the lockdown. Some also suggested that Merlos and Rivas have broken the stringent lockdown and social distancing measures installed in Spain due to coronavirus.

After being criticised for his polygamous act Merlos broke his silence and apologised for his behaviour. Speaking during The Ana Rosa news show, he said: "If you think that my attitude has not been correct or that there are things that I have not done well, I have no problem asking for forgiveness, although my goal was not to harm someone else."

Merlos claims he broke up with López before lockdown began

According to The Sun, during the show, the Spanish news anchor claimed that he broke up with his girlfriend before he began dating Rivas and she was spotted naked in his apartment. Speaking to Socialité, Rivas claimed that she and Merlos have been seeing each other for a few weeks now. "I didn't get into a relationship, he told me he was single. We have been [seeing each other] three weeks," she told the publication.

Lecturas, a Spanish news outlet, reported that Lopez and Merlos had broken up following a tiff over her ex-boyfriend. The incident occurred soon after her ex-lover, with whom López shares a son, called her. Following the argument, the couple separated for four days, during which the live episode was aired. "I had been mad at Alfonso for four days. He didn't want me to do something that affected my family. I did it, and he got mad. We argue," López, who called the incident shameful and unpleasant, told the publication.

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