Texas Woman Calls Cops on Skaters, Harasses Them and Ends Up Getting Arrested Herself [VIDEO]

The woman was filmed assaulting one of the teenagers after he poured a can of water over her head at a skate park in Austin, Texas

A video of a woman harassing teenagers at a skate park before assaulting one of them and getting arrested by police officers is being widely circulated on social media. The clip shared originally by Instagram user @lukiegstring on the Stories feed, starts off with the woman arguing with one of the skaters at a popular skatepark in Austin, Texas, and getting in his face. "Who says I need help? It looks like you need help," she says before shoving the teen, who responds with "I mean, you called the cops like...".

"Why are you backing away?", she then repeatedly asks the boy as he tries to distance himself from her, holding a skateboard in one hand while trying to block her with another.

Woman Gets Doused

woman harasses skaters
A still from the video that is being circulated on social media. Instagram

She continues to argue with the boy when one of the other skaters empties a can of water over her head. The woman then turns around and tries to knock the canister off the guy's hand before kicking and assaulting him repeatedly.

"Stay the fuck away," she tells the guy before landing another kick on the man's thigh. A female is then seen jumping into view before targeting the woman with a dropkick as the crowd cheers her on. The woman is then pushed over a cement wall that separates the skating area and lands on the ground outside.

'You Are No Longer Needed,' She Tells Cops

The woman is then seen yelling at the police officers who arrived at the skate park. At one point she tells them, "you are no longer needed." The video then cuts to the woman trying to film the teenagers with her cellphone pointed at them. "She's on Facebook Live," the teen recording can be heard saying in the video.

The skaters then ask the woman to leave them alone. "It looks like you're on drugs, get out of here," the Instagram user tells the woman. "All right, buddy," she responds sarcastically as she points her phone in his direction. The next clip shows the woman in a heated exchange with another female who is out of the camera's view after she accuses her of "stealing her purse." The video ends with police officers pinning her against a vehicle and cuffing her. Watch the full clip below: