Night Vision Cameras Capture Couple Having Sex in Front Row of Movie Theater; Video Goes Viral

The adventurous couple was caught engaging in sexual intercourse by infrared CCTV cameras installed inside the auditorium.

A randy couple was left red-faced after being caught on CCTV cameras having sex in the front row of an empty theater at a newly opened cinema. Video footage of them getting intimate has now gone viral on social media with millions of views.

The couple thought they could enjoy a moment of privacy as they were alone and figured nobody would notice as it was dark in the theater but what they were not aware of was that the cinema was equipped with night vision cameras.

Cinemas usually have night vision or infrared cameras installed in auditoriums to prevent illegal filming of movies, consumption of liquor, report slip-and-falls to insurance companies, measure the amount of engagement a film has with the audience, security among other things.

Caught in the Act

Couple caught having sex
A still from the video that is being circulated on social media. Twitter

The cringeworthy footage has been shared on Twitter and has already been viewed more than 3.3 million times and racked up tens of thousands of comments.

The clip, captioned "Who does this and you people don't think you'll get caught? WE CHECK THE CAMERAS DARLIN," shows a man wearing a hoodie seated on the chair in the front row while his female companion, who is naked from the waist down, straddling him.

A woman can be heard saying, "they're f**king in the cinema," in the 30-second clip, which appears to be filmed off a CCTV monitor to be shared on social media. On videos widely circulated on Twitter, the pair can be seen getting straight down to business, completely oblivious that others may be watching their sex romp. Watch the video below:


The brazen act has invited criticism from some, who described it as "disgusting."

"Having sex in the cinema is disgusting," wrote one user. "Imagine sitting down in someone's fluids when you were just trying watch the latest blockbuster." Meanwhile, others accused the cinema of being "perverts."

"It's not even the grainy footage," commented another. "This is some thermal vision with heat sensors stuff. Cinemas are perverts!"

The incident appears to have taken place at a cinema in the U.K. but the exact location is not yet known. It is understood to have been taken over the last six weeks when cinemas were reopened after lockdown.

The news comes a day after a Brazilian city council member was caught having sex with a woman in the background of a live Zoom meeting after he forgot to turn off the camera.

This article was first published on August 19, 2020