Black People Are Slaves, Democratic Party Taken Over by Muslims, Says Racist White Man

The man, identified as Joseph Watkins, was abusing Black Lives Matter Protesters standing outside the city courthouse in Ellensburg.

A white man was caught abusing Muslims and black people, calling them n***ers and slaves, during a racial rant at Ellensburg in Washington. The man, identified as Joseph Watkins, was abusing a couple of Black Lives Matter Protesters standing outside the city courthouse.

Sharing the video on its Facebook page, Ellensburg Calls to Action stated that Watkins confronted the peaceful protesters outside the city courthouse and abused them with his racist remarks.

Joseph Watkins
Joseph Watkins Twitter

Watkins Accused BLM Protesters of Being Racist

In the video clip, which has also been shared on various social media platforms, Watkins is seen taking about black people. "They were gonna be slaves anyway. Now they are free. So why are you guys out here testifying for the niggers," Watkins is heard telling a group of people holding BLM sign boards.

When a woman tells Watkins to turn around and leave, he questions her asking if she is black. "Are you black mother***ers? Are you black," he asks repeatedly.

Telling the BLM protesters to go home, Watkins, who sports long hair, accuses the protesters of causing racial problems. Insisting that he is not a racial person, Watkins is heard saying, "I aint no f***ing racist. My mom didn't teach me to be a racist. My mother taught me to be good f**king person. You pieces of shit are bringing racism to our community."

Racist Claims Democratic Party is Taken Over by Muslims

Calling one of the protesters retarded, the man questions the female protesters if they are Muslims. Referring to their mask, Watkins says it's a Muslim mask. "You are all going to be Muslim women. Only muslim women are required to cover their face."

The man, who appeared to be a staunch Republican supporter, went on to target the Democratic party saying that Muslims have bought them. "The democratic party has been taken over by the Muslims. They bought them they have been paid for. You guys are screwing up," Watkins says as he moves towards his red truck in the parking lot. In a recent Facebook post, Watkins wrote that the 'Democratic socialist party owned SLAVES!!! The Republican party freed the SLAVES!!! History 101!!!'

A lot of social media users were leaving hate messages on Watkins's Facebook page. "Not A Racist' ... uses the N word less than 30 seconds after saying he's not," wrote a user as other added, "Dude, your racist ass is busted! That video of you is all over Twitter. Have fun with the consequences."