Maskeless LGBTQ Talk Show Host Caught in Homophobic Rant; Shocks People with Exposing Gesture

The video starts with Gaskin saying "You dumb f***ing faggot! What's your problem? What's your dumb faggot problem?"

A former LGBTQ talk show host, Tim Gaskin, was caught in a racist homophobic rant over a mask wearing policy at Marshall's department store in Campbell. Citing health issues over his refusal to wear a face mask, Gaskin even threatened to flash himself to a customer in the store.

The 52-year-old Gaskin is a former San Francisco-based artist, publisher and talk show host. He describes himself as hardworking, artist, executive, volunteer, and experienced Global trade executive on his social media profiles.

Tim Gaskin
Tim Gaskin Twitter

Gaskin Calls Store Employee Fa**ot When Asked to Wear Mask

In the nearly 45-second clip uploaded on Twitter by San Jose DJ Eddie House, Gaskin is seen wearing a pair of brown trousers, pale pink button-down shirt and a tie, arguing with store employees over their mask wearing policies.

Sharing the video on the micro-blogging site, the user wrote: "Today at Marshalls in Campbell, Ca this Kevin didn't want to wear a mask. Hurled offensive comments to the workers, my friends, to customers while exposing gestures to the public. I'm reaching out to y'all in the ether to expose this m'fer to the world!"

"Homophobic slurs to my straight proponent boils my blood. My friend is considered family and I am proud they stepped in to record this ahole," he added in another tweet.

The video starts with Gaskin saying "You dumb f***ing faggot! What's your problem? What's your dumb faggot problem?"

When the store employee tells him that he can't shop in the store if he is not wearing mask, Gaskin, while pointing towards his ears, says that his refusal to service someone with a disability would draw a fine of $75,000 under health code violation. "You don't know the law? This is how stupid you are," Gaskin tells the store worker.

Maskless Man Asks Store Employee To Call Police

Gaskin then points out towards the man recording the video and calls him faggot again. Not done with his outburst, former TV show host then challenges the store worker to call the police when the latter repeatedly requests him to leave the store as he is not wearing a mask. "Call the police, I am gonna love this" Gaskin is heard in the video.

In yet another video, recorded by the same customer, Gaskin, who is seen standing near one of the store's aisle is seen asking him, "How dumb are you." When the person asks his name, a smiling Gaskin waves at the camera before unzipping his pants and does an exposing gesture.

According to San Jose Inside, Gaskin hosted a weekly LGBTQ talk-show, called OUTSpoken on a Comcast channel. He also produced a TV and radio show about San Francisco real estate called "Open House," which Gaskin described to SFGate as 'Antiques Roadshow' meets '60 Minutes,' reported the outlet.