'Take Your Monkey Home': Men Harass Black Woman as Baby Makes 'Noises' at Restaurant

Two men were filmed harassing a black woman who was having dinner with her 13-year-old sister and one-year-old daughter at a sushi restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A video of two men harassing an African-American woman having dinner with her 13-year-old sister and her one-year-old daughter is being widely circulated on social media.

The clip was originally shared by Instagram user fiyameta along with a lengthy caption mentioning that the racist encounter took place at the Umezono Sushi and Grill in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Keep Your 'Annoying' Baby Quiet

Fiya said as soon as they walked into the restaurant, the two men gave them the "death stare" and as soon as they sat down at a table, the men started mocking her baby because she was making noises and asked her to silence her "annoying" child.

"At this point I'm shaking terribly, I did not know what to do or say. My intuition told me if I did anything out of my character that they were going to cause us some harm, so I pulled out my camera and started recording," Fiya wrote. "But right before I started recording , the creature in the white shirt said some derogatory disgusting comments."

According to the video shared on the Instagram account Karens Going Wild, the men apparently told Fiya to "take your monkey home."

Men harass black woman with baby
A still from the video that is being widely circulated on social media Instagram

The video starts off with Fiya filming the two men who are seated at the bar. "So this guy is being completely racist because my one-years-old is making noises. And guess what you're going to go viral," she says. "Because that's the only way to stop you guys is to put you on camera."

A server then approaches Fiya's table in an attempt to pacify her as the men tell her to "go ahead." "Shame on both of you. This world would be a much better place without you two," the woman tells them. "I can't believe what I just witnessed. I cannot believe they just said that to us," she says softly.

'Her Children are Really Noisy'

Upon realizing that they're being filmed, the men then pull out their cellphones to record Fiya. "This is what happened. Her children are really noisy," the man in white says as he films Fiya and her family. "This is what happens when someone has a dinner that makes their children really really noisy," the man says as he walks over to the table pointing the camera at them.

Fiya and her family
Fiya (right) along with her daughter, Mila, and her husband. Instagram

"You need to back up. I don't feel safe. You need to back up, sir," Fiya can be heard saying repeatedly to the man. "Back off? Why back off?" the man responds, prompting the woman to tell the server to call the cops. "How about this? Call the cops," the man says. "Your children are making a lot of noise."

"She's a baby! She's one-years-old! What is wrong with you?" Fiya and her sister tell the man as he is urged to return to his seat by the restaurant's staff.

Claim Cops Won't Believe Her Because She's Black

The video ends with the man in the dark green t-shirt still recording Fiya before the server is seen talking to both men. "I am so heartbroken for myself, my little sister but more importantly for my innocent, sweet baby girl Mila," Fiya noted in her caption.

After the cops were called to the restaurant, Fiya told Karens Going Wild that the men told her that she was going to get into trouble. "Who do you think they're going to believe," the men said to her.

Cops arrived and waited for the men outside but weren't able to do much because there wasn't anything they could do "legally" and told Fiya she could sue them in a civil case and let the men off with a warning. Watch the full video below: