'You Look Like a W**re': Michigan Man Attacks White Woman Over Dress, Hanging Out with Black Guys

The woman was wearing a full-sleeved dress with black tights when the man attacked her for dressing like a "hooker".

A viral video of a Trump supporter harassing a young woman over her clothing and her company of black friends in an "unprovoked" attack is being widely circulated on social media. The incident, originally filmed by Instagram user sadmanthaaa, took place in Shelby Township, Michigan.

"I got attacked by Donald Trump supporters 100% unprovoked last night. I was minding my business on the other side of the road when these people came over, she captioned the post. "This man came up to me and said he's not standing 6 feet away from me without a mask on because I'm in public."

She pointed out that the man then started saying "disgusting" and "sexual" things to her and that she's a "whore who likes sleeping with black men." She says she tried to ignore the man but he kept harassing her so she decided to film him.

'You Like Black Guys'

Man harasses young woman
A still from the video that is being circulated on social media. Instagram

The video starts off with the man asking the woman, "You're mommy proud of you?," to which the woman responds "Yes, she is."

"Then she's dumber than you are," the man tells her. "You look like a hooker, honey. You like black guys and you look like a whore."

"Go down on 8 mile. You might make a few bucks," the man says, referring to a stretch that is known for its strip club joints. "How old are you? 18?. You're dumb. You don't know shit. You look like a whore and you're mommy is embarrassed so go away," he says before the video ends.

The woman noted in her caption that while the man was harassing her, other Trump supporters from across the road were yelling "go home to royal oak" and "you're white."

Nothing Wrong with Her Attire

In her Instagram story, the woman shared a photo of herself wearing a long-sleeved dress that showed no skin and black tights. She added that the other ladies who called her a whore were wearing more revealing clothes than her.

A screenshot of the story shared by sadmanthaaa on Instagram. Instagram

"This is incredibly sad and pathetic seeing a grown man yelling at a young girl who's by herself like this. These people have no class, I really hope this man doesn't have a daughter of his own. This man needs some therapy if he thinks it's alright to talk to young women like this," sadmanthaa wrote.

She then called out the woman who watched the man yell at him and did nothing. "I hope you're ashamed of yourself," she added. I'm young and you aren't even half the woman I am. I WOULD NEVER let another woman get attacked like this not by anyone, doesn't matter what "side" they are on,"

The user also said she informed the Shelby Township police about the incident but they "did absolutely nothing."