7-Eleven 'Karen' Calls Black Man the N-Word, Says She Would've Shot Him if She Had Her Gun [VIDEO]

The "Karen" was filmed calling the black man a "n**ger" and threatening to shoot him in a racist confrontation at a 7-Eleven shop in Richmond, British Columbia

A video of a "Karen" hurling racial slurs at a black man and threatening to shoot him inside a 7-Eleven is being widely circulated on social media.

Video footage of the incident, which took place in Richmond, British Columbia, was originally shared by Instagram user rcnkoco6 along with the caption, "The Richmond Racist."

The clip starts off with the man filming the video saying, "Hold on, now I got you on camera," to which the woman replies with "go f**k yourself" as she flips off the camera. The man recording flips the middle finger back to the woman, who appears to be standing in a queue, before calling her a "racist fat b*tch."

'Karen' Doesn't Like to be Made Fun of

7-Eleven 'Karen'
A still from the video that is being circulated on social media. Instagram

"I am. Thank you so much," the woman responds before the man points the camera at her feet referring to them as "cankles" – a slang term that combines the words "calf" and "ankles" and used to describe legs where it is difficult to differentiate between both.

The "cankles" joke doesn't seem to go down too well with "Karen," who then starts stomping towards the man as he continues laughing at her. The woman then says something about getting her husband to get the car around before following the man outside the door as she tries to knock the cellphone out of his hand.

Threatens to Shoot Him

"You know what? If I had my piece..." she can be heard saying before making the gun sign with her hand and pointing it at the man.

"If you had your piece, you would've shot me?" the man asks "I've got you on camera you dumb b*tch" he tells her as they walk back inside the convenience store. "He's an 'HA,' he will fuck you up," the woman tells the man seemingly referring to her husband as a member of Hells Angels, the notorious motorcycle gang.

Unfazed by the woman's threats, the man says, "I know HAs buddy," to which the woman replies, "they're all over at my house," as she points in the direction of her home, which appears to be nearby.

'Go Away. Bye, N*gger'

"You got a problem? Go away!," she exclaims. "Bye, n*gger," she says as she approaches the counter and the man starts walking away.

"You're a fucking goof, bitch," the man's friend then tells the woman. The word "goof" is a Canadian slang used to describe a person who is incompetent, foolish, or stupid. "Well, actually I am a white supremacist. You got a problem with that?" she asks the man. "Yes," the men reply, to which she says, "thank you."

"Can we call the police now?" the woman then asks the cashier. Watch the full video below: