'Karen' Accuses Black Man of Being a Pervert, Filming Women While Taking Drone Photos for Work

A woman accused African-American man of perving on women while he was taking drone shots of a house up for sale.

A video of a white woman racially profiling a black man and accusing him of being a creep while he was taking pictures of her neighbor's house as part of a work assignment is being widely circulated on social media.

The clip was shared on Facebook by Thomas Samuel, a Seattle-based freelancer who specializes in drone photography and has his own company called Thomas Samuel Media.

A still from the video that is being widely circulated on social media Facebook

"Just had this woman come at me accusing me of being a criminal and a pervert/creep with my drone because I was taking pictures of her neighbors house," he captioned the video, which starts off with the woman telling Samuel that there's a drone "coming down" on her house and accuses him of filming women.

Samuel was Working For a Real Estate Brokerage

Thomas Samuel
Thomas Samuel Facebook / Thomas Samuel

"What is this doing here?," the woman asks while pointing towards the drone, to which Samuel responds that he's working for Redfin, a real estate brokerage, who hired him to take pictures for a house that is going up for sale.

In his Facebook post, Samuel noted that the homeowners had been notified of the shoot and he had all the required permits to fly the drone. The woman, who identifies herself as Katelyn, then asks Samuel his name so she can verify the same with Redfin and her neighbors.

'She Immediately Assumed the Worst of Me'

"You are ridiculous. Go home," Samuel can then be heard telling the woman while referring to her as a "Karen."

"So filming people with a drone is 'Karen,'" she asks him. Samuel then calls her out for assuming that he was casing the house and taking pictures of people just because he's black. "Don't give me that," she tells him repeatedly before walking away saying, "I'm going to call Redfin."

"She came out of her house cussing and immediately assumed the worst of me and what I was doing because there's no way a black man could actually be working and minding his own business." Watch the video below:

Internet Makes her Famous

The video has sparked outrage among social media users who called the woman out for her racist behavior. Some users drew attention to the woman's hypocrisy for wearing a "LIVE UNITED" t-shirt.

Wearing a LIVE UNITED t-shirt but not putting it into action... she had a perfect opportunity to practice what her T-shirt was preaching! FAIL! . I think that's called HYPOCRISY," wrote one user,

Katelyn Berry
A screenshot of Katelyn Berry's LinkedIn profile before it was deleted. Facebook

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