Stunned Silence Grips Vladimir Putin's Annual News Conference as Russian President's AI-Generated Doppelganger Takes the Center Stage

The video of AI-Generated doppelganger has come in a time when there are lots of speculation around existence of Putin's body double and his health.

In the recently held annual news conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin was left stunned for a moment when he was confronted by an unexpected guest -- his own digital doppelganger The Russian leader faced an unexpected challenge as his own AI-generated counterpart threw him a barrage of questions about body doubles and the perils of artificial intelligence.

Putin and his AI-Doppelganger

Putin, addressing a live audience and fielding questions via video link from across the country, found himself engaged in a peculiar dialogue with his digital doppelganger.

The AI Putin, introduced as a student from St Petersburg State University, asked, "Vladimir Vladimirovich, hello, I am a student at St Petersburg State University. I want to ask, is it true you have a lot of doubles?" The AI Putin continued, delving into the risks associated with artificial intelligence and neural networks.

The unexpected exchange prompted laughter from the audience, creating a light-hearted moment in the conference hall. The Russian president, known for his quick wit, momentarily paused before responding to his AI self.

"I see you may resemble me and speak with my voice. But I have thought about it and decided that only one person must be like me and speak with my voice, and that will be me," Putin eventually claimed, breaking the momentary tension with a touch of humor.

The incident added fuel to the already existing speculation, especially in Western circles, whether Putin uses body doubles at public appearances. Rumors also circulate about the state of the Russian president's health, fueling suspicions that the alleged body doubles might be filling in for him.

Despite international conjecture, the Kremlin has consistently refuted claims concerning Putin's health, maintaining that the president is in excellent condition. The conference, marked by this unexpected interplay of man and machine, added a surreal twist to the ongoing political discourse surrounding Russia's leadership.

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