Vladimir Putin Could Stay In Power Until 2030, Report Says

Due to the sensitivity of politics in Russia, sources who shared this information decided to stay anonymous

Russian President Vladimir Putin has apparently decided to run for the 2024 March presidential content, in a move, that could help him to stay in power until 2030, Reuters reported, citing six sources familiar with the matter.

"The decision has been made - he will run," said one source.

Vladimir Putin

Putin's presidential run continues

Another source said that Vladimir Putin and his supporters have already started preparing for the upcoming presidential elections.

Due to the sensitivity of politics in Russia, these sources decided to stay anonymous, the Reuters report added.

Putin had amassed huge support in Russia after he defused an armed mutiny by the leader of the Wagner mercenary group in June.

Even though several political experts have claimed that Putin would love to stay in power for life, no official confirmation from the Kremlin has been made yet.

However, with this latest Reuters report that cited close sources aware of the matter, it has become pretty clear that Putin is expected to stay in power at least until 2030.

Did Putin fake his death?

Earlier this month, several reports surfaced online that Putin had faked his own death in a peculiar move to test his popularity among the Russian public.

While the Kremlin swiftly dismissed these reports, Ukrainian officials have suggested that Putin's allies might have purposely spread these rumors to tighten their control in Russia.

Earlier, several reports claimed that Putin has faced life-threatening moments several times due to cancer and Parkinson's disease. Video footage showing Putin experiencing physical difficulties during public appearances also added weight to these health-related rumors. Some other reports claimed that Putin is already dead, and is being replaced by a body double.

However, the new testimonials from people aware of the matter indicate that Vladimir Putin is ready for yet another presidential election in 2024.