Strange things going around galaxy trigger speculation of aliens but scientists differ

The mysterious dimming made many experts believe that it is the evidence of an ongoing alien megastructure construction

Representative image of extraterrestrial aliens Pixabay

The Fermi Paradox is one puzzling question that has been perplexing space scientists for years. As per Fermi Paradox, humans have not contacted aliens even though the universe is so mighty. However, some space experts believe that phenomena like 'Fast Radio Bursts' and hypothetical structures like 'Dyson Spheres' that could be discovered in the future will lead to the discovery of aliens.

Adding up the heat to these theories, a recent observation by scientists discovered something strange going around a star system named 'HD 139139'. This strange phenomenon is connected to a pair of stars bound to each other called the 'Random Transiter'. It should be noted that transistor is an astronomical term used to explain the dimming of stars when something passes in front of it.

This Boyajin's star or Tabby star which dims randomly soon went viral, and astronomers like Jason Wright of the Pennsylvania University suggested that this dimming might be due to the construction of an alien megastructure.

However, a forthcoming study report that will be published in the research notes of the American Astronomical Society had revealed that there is no alien connection behind this bizarre dimming. During the study, the team made use of Green Bank Radio Telescope in West Virginia and tried to detect radio emissions and techno-signatures from the star system that is located almost 350 light-years away from the earth.

"These events did not fall into an identifiable pattern and could not be explained by a multitude of transit scenarios explored by the authors. We conduct follow-up observations at C-band frequencies with the Green Bank Telescope as part of the ongoing Breakthrough Listen search for techno-signatures. We search for narrowband signals above a signal-to-noise threshold of 10 and with Doppler drift rates within +-5 Hz/s. We detect no evidence of techno-signatures from EPIC 249706694," wrote the researchers in the study report.

Even though scientists have dismissed the extraterrestrial connection, they are still unclear about the phenomena that cause this mysterious dimming.

A few days back, Professor Didier Queloz from Switzerland who won the 2019 Nobel Prize for Physics predicted that alien life will be discovered within the next 30 years. He also added that the extraterrestrial life that will be discovered in the future may not be similar to the green men depicted in Hollywood sci-fi films.