It was around a few weeks back that former NASA scientist Gilbert Levin claimed to have found the evidence of extraterrestrial existence on Mars in 1976, during an experience conducted for Viking's mission to Mars. The claims made by Levin soon went viral, and many people started claiming that NASA, the United States space agency is involved in an alien cover up. And now, in the midst of burning debates, NASA has refuted the explosive claim and has made it clear that extraterrestrial life is yet to be found.

"The collective general opinion of the large majority of the scientific community does not believe the results of the Viking experiments alone rise to the level of extraordinary evidence. One of NASA's key goals is the search for life in the universe," NASA spokesperson Allard Beutel told Fox News.

NASA also revealed that they are exploring the solar system and beyond to determine whether humans are alone in the universe. As per Beutel, studying the oceans of Saturn's moons like Enceladus, and exploring Mars are quite crucial in discovering alien life in the future.

"NASA is exploring the solar system and beyond to help us answer fundamental questions, including whether we are alone in the universe. From studying water on Mars, probing promising 'oceans worlds,' such as Enceladus and Europa, to looking for biosignatures in the atmospheres of planets outside our solar system, NASA's science missions are working together with a goal to find unmistakable signs of life beyond Earth," added Beutel.

A few days back, Professor Didier Queloz, the 2019 Nobel prize winner for physics had predicted that alien life will be discovered in the next 30 years. The Nobel prize winner also added that earth might not be the only planet in the universe that might be hosting life.

Dr Jim Green, a top NASA scientist had also revealed that alien life will be discovered by 2021. He also made it clear that human beings are not ready to accept the reality of extraterrestrial existence.