Harvard professor says humans can make first contact with aliens soon

Loeb had previously suggested that interstellar asteroid Oumuamua could be an alien probe that visited the solar system

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A few weeks back, NASA chief scientist Dr Jim Green claimed that alien life will be discovered by 2021. The scientist also made it clear that the world is not ready to accept the reality of extraterrestrial existence.

In the meantime, Avi Loeb, the chairman of the Astronomy department at Harvard University, has claimed that alien life living within the Milky Way will be discovered in the coming years.

Loeb made these remarks while speaking at a recent New Scientist Live event in London. The Harvard scientist also made it clear that humans should use all the means to make the historic first contact with aliens.

"I think their civilizations in our galaxy that potentially we could find during our lifetimes. We just need to use all the means that we have to search for them. I am an optimist in that regard and the reason I am an optimist is because, I don't feel that we are special. I think it is arrogant of scientists that we're special. So just starting from the premise of modesty, I think that there might be many more like us out there," said Loeb, Express.co.uk reports.

Loeb also suggested some tips for experts who are searching for extraterrestrial existence in the deep nooks of the universe.

"But until that point, there was a culture that created an infrastructure that we can look for and we can look for megastructures that are left on the planet or around the planet or a tiny swarm of satellites that were artificially made. We can find things from the surface that indicate that there was a war or you can find technological equipment, artificial lights that exist even though the civilization is dead by now, you can find industrial pollution," added Loeb.

This is not the first time that Avi Loeb is suggesting alien existence in deep space. A couple of years back, after the discovery of Oumuamua, Loeb suggested that this interstellar visitor could most probably be an alien probe.

As per Loeb, the unexpected acceleration and weird trajectory of Oumuamua hint that this interstellar visitor has an artificial origin.

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