Shiba Inu to be Listed on Coinbase, Robinhood and WeBull in September 2021?

Shiba Inu, which was recently listed on eToro and Coinbase Custody, might soon see itself being listed on three different platforms all in a month's time.

While WeBull has confirmed to list SHIB on their platform and is currently in the backend testing mode, speculations are rife that both Robinhood and Coinbase are working towards listing Shiba Inu on their respective apps and would make an official announcement shortly.

Shiba Inu Robinhood Coinbase Cryptocurrency Listing Coin

An industry insider claims that Shiba Inu might be listed on WeBull, Robinhood and Coinbase sometime during September 2021, making it easier for investors to purchase the coins with a click of a button than enter tedious steps to own them through exchange swaps.

Crypto and stock market analyst Del Crxpto was the first to reveal the inside information and tweeted, ''Rumors swirling thru the cryptosphere that $SHIB will be added to @coinbase & @RobinhoodApp during the month of September!!! Bullish as ever!''

If the insider information turns out to be true, Shiba Inu could get the much needed boost and shoot its price upwards gaining new highs and a potential to knock out a zero from its trade.

However, just a few days ago The International Business Times sent a poser to Robinhood app asking them to confirm if SHIB would indeed be listed on their platform but their response was all but informative as they ended up confusing investors with their 'beating around the bush' reply.

Shiba Inu, which was launched in August 2020, is now the third most talked about cryptocurrency in the world just behind Ethereum and Bitcoin, as per a research conducted by ICO Analytics, and reports also show that the coin attracts close to 1,000 new and first-time investors into its fold each day.

The coin is available for less than a cent and investors can hold on nearly 1 million coins for just $15 or more, and the ease of affordability is making SHIB attract new investors, who hope it would reach 1 Cent and beyond and give handsome returns.

Shiba Inu, at the time of publishing, was trading at $0.00000832 and is up +1.09% in the days trade. A listing in three different apps in a months time could boost the coins prospects further and lead it to greener pastures.