Covid-19 Vaccines Remain Effective Even Against the Delta Variant, Latest NY Study Finds

The latest study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state Health Department shows that Covid-19 vaccines of all companies remain effective even against the highly contagious Delta variant.

The research which was led by Professor Cheryl Healton, Dean of NYU's School of Global Public Health shows that the vaccines block an estimated 80% of infections and sharply reduces the odds of hospitalization by more than 90%.

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''At over 79 percent effective, it is one of the most effective vaccines ever,'' said Prof Healton in a statement and went ahead explaining a key note that none of the vaccines have lost their potency against the Delta variant and keeps people away from being hospitalized, depending on their age.

Dr. Ayman El-Mohandes, the Dean of CUNY's School of Public Health, who was also a part of the NYU research, said unvaccinated people are at 10 times more at risk of being hospitalized than those who have taken their shots and stated that studies show there's no argument to be made on that point.

''You are ten times more likely to get the infection or go to the hospital if you're unvaccinated. I don't think you can argue with that,'' said Dr. El-Mohandes in a statement.

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The findings come as a relief amid the scare that the vaccines remain ineffective against the Delta variant and the study shows that its potency is only slightly less effective to 79% as compared to the earlier version of the virus, which is effective 92%.

The research comes at a time when scientists around the world are racing to better understand the Delta variant which is now spread across several countries, creating frightening scenarios that the pandemic is turning dangerous and deadly.

The Delta variant has already turned catastrophic due to the surge in cases making New York City come to a standstill again and health officials are urging people to come forward and take their jabs to reduce the spread of the new variant and save lives.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has also offered $100 gift card to New Yorkers who take their first shot in order to speed up the vaccination process. Authorities are also looking at possibilities to provide more incentives to make people take their jabs.