Saitama Inu: A $1,000 Investment in June Would Be Worth $356,000 in October 2021

Saitama Inu, which was launched on May 31, 2021, and trading as SAITA in the indices, has had a stellar rise during its initial weeks and rewarded early investors handsomely. The token has been steadily climbing in price and reached a new all time high (ATH) of $0.00000002024 on October 16.

The token has managed to knock out three 'zeroes' from its trade within six months of its inception and currently displays bullish sentiments, all thanks to its upcoming Saitama Wallet, which is scheduled to be launched on November 13, 2021 in Las Vegas, making it easier for investors to buy the coin than go on tedious steps through exchange swaps and pay high deduction fees to grab hold of it.

Saitama Inu Coin Token Cryptocurrency SAITA

Saitama Inu is also attracting new and first time investors, as during the start of the month, the token had 60,000 holders and today it boasts of 82,000 holders. In October, Saitama has steadily added 1,000 new investors into its fold as it unwaveringly delivered on all its promises.

In 30-trading days, Saitama has shot up +210.0% and since the last 14-days, it went up 168.8%. In today's 24-hour trading chart, the token has spiked +38% in the days trade.

Saitama Inu - Investment Vs Returns

Investors who had poured in $1,000 on Saitama Inu in June 2021 and held on to the coin's violent up and down swings up until today, are sitting on fortunes of a great bank balance that can buy them a new house or a luxury car of their choice.

The $1,000 investment in Saitama Inu in June turned to its lowest of $750 in July, but later spiked up the same month and turned to $77.625.

Saitama Inu June to October Investment Returns
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In August, the $1,000 investment dipped but still remained to be a great amount and turned to $35,675. The same $1,000 investment dipped yet again and turned to $20,550 in September.

However, now that Saitama Inu is trading in its all time high (ATH), the $1,000 investment made back in June is now worth a whopping $356,000.

Saitama Inu at the time of publishing was trading at $0.00000002686 and is up +32.80% in the days trade.

Financial analysts claim SAITA will shoot up further in the coming months and could go parabolic during the Saitama Wallet launch in November.