Rumour: Is CM Punk on WWE's wish list for WrestleMania 36?

Rumour: Is CM Punk on WWE's wish list for WrestleMania 36?

CM Punk may have downplayed the possibility of his return to WWE, but it has not stopped rumour mills from speculating about his entry to the sports entertainment. Even as he is enjoying his role of an analyst in FS1, there are rumours and reports emerging every other day about it.

The latest has come from Brad Shepard from He has claimed on his Twitter account that CM Punk is in the WWE's wish list for WrestleMania 36.

"According to a source in #WWE, the company has a short wishlist of people they'd like to use between Royal Rumble and WrestleMania - one name on that wishlist is CM Punk (who is currently not working for WWE). #WWEBackstage #OYDKWS. [sic]" he wrote.

CM Punk
CM Punk. WWE

WrestleMania is scheduled to be held in April and with just four months away, one wonders whether this wish becomes a reality.

CM Punk had left the WWE after 10-year association with the company in 2014. Reportedly, he walked out of the sports entertainment over health issues, while there have been lots of rumours of him having issues with Vince McMahon and Triple H.

With times changing, CM Punk too changed his decision from staying out of WWE as he signed a contract with Fox as an analyst. He appears in the show to give his expert analysis.

Yet CM Punk has pointed out that he doesn't have a contract with WWE and he has signed a deal only with the channel. Thus he quashed the speculations of him returning to the sports entertainment.

Nonetheless, rumour mongers continue to speculate about his return stating that he could use his agreement with Fox to enter WWE and have main event match at the WrestleMania 36.

Even Ryback had aired similar views on his recent podcast. He thinks that the Punk's contract with Fox could help him to re-enter the sports entertainment and fulfill his long-time dream of getting the WrestleMania main event match.