Seth Rollins on calling out CM Punk: 'I think I've exhausted all of my energy on the subject'

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins. WWE

Seth Rollins, who has been inviting CM Punk to face him in the ring, has decided to not discuss on the topic from here on. His statement comes after Vince McMahon reportedly being anxious about the former calling the latter out for a match when WWE has no such plans at work.

Seth Rollins, who was on WWE Backstage on Fox FS1 on Tuesday, 3 December, said that he is not shocked at Punk's absence from the Backstage. He said, "I think I've exhausted all of my energy on the subject. I just don't think it's going anywhere, I'm not shocked that he's not here, so I think it's time to maybe move on to something that matters. I wish he was here. I wish we could have a face-to-face, but it's not in the cards."

Seth Rollins has repeatedly called out CM Punk on social media and WWE Raw in the last few weeks after the latter made his debut on WWE Backstage. According to WWE INC, Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, has stated that Rollins' comments have not gone well with Vince McMahon.

On asking about his relationship with fans, Seth Rollins said he shares an interesting relationship with them. Also, he is very happy with the way things have fallen into place for him in the last one year. "You look at where I was sitting a year ago at this time and I was the guy, I was positioned to go to the next level. And in my opinion, I was very successful. I got all the way to WrestleMania to take on Brock Lesnar for the title. And then we shifted the gears, I don't have an explanation why, but you guys have something for me, please I would love to know. Because I have been the same guy through and through," he said.

When asked about facing boos from the fans, Seth Rollins claims that it impacts him, but he made a point to say that this booing is not everywhere. "Let's be clear, this is not everywhere, I go to Little Rock, I go to Germany and I do live events all over the world and I am not getting booed. That is not happening. There's small contingent of our audience that's very vocal on social media. ... but you see that you hear you read that that affects you. I am a passionate guy who loves this business. This is my life. When I put so much into it, to feel like I get disrespected. I'm going to push back. I'm not a guy, like Cena who's puts motivational quotes on Twitter, or like Roman and kind of hang back," he further said.