The Undertaker vs The Undertaker at SummerSlam: Revisiting the classic match from WWE

The Undertaker has given plenty of moments in WWE for its viewers to celebrate. As a heel or a baby face, his fans have loved everything that he has done to entertain them for decades. Today, we are going look at one such match, which had actually met with mixed response, back then.

The Real Undertaker Takes on the Fake Undertaker
After losing the match against Yokozuna in 1994 Royal Rumble, The Undertaker was on a break. The Phenom had reportedly injured his back which kept him away for seven months. Also, around the same time he was blessed with a child which was the other reason why he was away from the sports entertainment.

Having known for his good marketing skills, Vince McMahon used the hiatus to come up with a storyline. In the episodes leading to SummerSlam, video clippings were aired to say some people claiming to have spotted him.

The Undertaker vs The Undertaker at SummerSlam1994
The Undertaker clashes with his imposter. WWE

Ted DiBiase, who managed the Deadman in 1990s, now claimed be having contact with him and brought the fake Undertaker, whose original name is (Brian Lee), to the WWE.

And Paul Bearer locates the real Undertaker to counter his imposter. The hype leading to their clash at seventh SummerSlam in 1994 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, was unbelievably high. The presence of Leslie Nielsen, detective from The Naked Gun, along with George Kennedy had already spiced up the feud as they tried to solve the mystery around the Deadman.

The Undertaker vs The Undertaker was a main event at the SummerSlam and the match just lasted for eight minutes. There were lots of similarities between the two, yet one could make out the differences among the two.

In the end, the real Undertaker defeated his imposter with his finishing move, Tombstone. The fake Deadman was shoved into the casket. And there were no attempts of reviving the storyline, further.

It may be recalled that Brian Lee is a good friend of Taker in real life.