Rihanna breaks ups with billionaire Hassan Jameel after 3 years; seen with Rapper A$AP Rocky

Rihanna sings the outro on a three-year relationship with Saudi Billionaire Hassan Jameel-- is spotted with rumored former flame Rapper A$AP Rocky in New York City

The Barbados R&B singer Rihanna is back to being single after three years of dating Saudi businessman and entrepreneur Hassan Jameel, she was spotted spending time with Rapper A$AP Rocky in New York, post-breakup.

The "Work" hitmaker had been in a relationship with the middle-eastern mogul since January 2017 with the pair being photographed together last June. August 2019, was the last time that the pair were spotted together on a date in Beverly Hills during which they were seen in some wine and cheese.

A three-year fairy tale romance

In June 2019, the lovebirds flew to Italy for a romantic vacation that they got, with photographs of the pair together to boot. It was US Weekly that confirmed the split, however, it was 'The Sun' that was the first to spot a budding romantic relationship between the pair back in 2017 via a source.

This source, someone who could be considered a "friend" to the couple spilled the beans that the two had actually been dating for longer than they had the lead on to the media, saying,

"She has kept this under wraps, but they have been together officially since January (2017). This relationship is the real deal...They've been spending a lot of time away from prying eyes and are really serious. His family is also extremely wealthy and private. She was coming into the UK on a regular basis to see him."

On the rebound with Rocky

The singer was spotted with rumored ex-flame Rocky after breakup with Jameel wikimediacommons

When asked about the future of her relationship with Jameel in June 2019 during an Interview with Sarah Paulson, specifically the question of marriage, Rihanna took a pause before replying enthusiastically, "Of course I am."

Post the breakup, Rihanna who has dated the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Chris Brown in the past and was rumoured to have dated A$AP Rocky was seen spending time with the rapper in New York. The timeline of the breakup adds up with Rihanna and Rocky attending the 2019 Fashion Awards in London in December. For the red carpet, they posed together for the photo-op--which garnered significant media attention. During the filming of their 2013 song "Fashion Killa" was the first time rumblings of the two being an item arose.