Religions Are Wrong, Woman Makes Mindblowing Claims After Near-Death Experience

After experiencing the bliss of near-death experience, Leslie assured that most of the religions are misleading people

Several near-death experience (NDE) victims have previously claimed to have spoken to a higher power in a different realm, as they reached the verge of death. A person named Leslie has now claimed that she is one among those few people who have experienced those mindblowing moments. Leslie experienced these unbelievable moments after she clinically died for a few moments due to severe pneumonia infection.

Leslie Saw God During Near-Death Experience

According to Leslie, she felt an electrifying sensation on her head, and it later spread all over her body. Later, she saw herself hovering above her body, and the room was filled with soft light. When Leslie looked at her body lying down, she did not feel any kind of emotion. It was at this point that Leslie sensed the presence of a heavenly being from a different realm in the room.

Leslie also revealed that all the religions are teaching wrong about God. According to Leslie, all religions are asking people to fear God, but it is nothing but manipulation.

Representational Image (Human Consciousness) Pixabay

"Now it's very simple for me. There is God and an afterlife. When I look at religion I feel they have it all wrong. I was taught to fear God. After my experience, I viewed religion as a tool of manipulation. Now I see God as pure peace and love," wrote Leslie on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) website.

Death Is Not a Black and White Moment

Even though the testimonial shared by Leslie is considered proof of life after death, medical experts dismiss these claims, and they made it clear that the survival trick of the human brain is causing these weird visual hallucinations.

A few months back, Dr Sam Parnia, an expert who has been studying near-death experiences for several years had claimed that death is a very blissful experience. He also made it clear that death is basically a process, and is not a black and white moment.

"When the heart stops, all life processes go out because there is no blood getting to the brain, to the kidneys, and liver and we become lifeless and motionless and that is the time that doctors use to give us a time of death," said Parnia.