Journey after death? Woman claims to have seen people radiating health and beauty during NDE

Spiritualists believe that near-death experience faced by Veronique is authentic proof of life after death

The hypothetical concept of life after death has been baffling humans for ages. Even though medical experts consider death as the end of human life, spiritualists strongly believe that there is an eternal journey after death.

Adding up the heat to this seemingly unbelievable afterlife theory, a woman named Veronique who faced near-death experience (NDE) has claimed that humans continue to live even after taking their last breath.

The mysterious NDE case of Veronique

Representational Image (Human Consciousness) Pixabay

Veronique experienced NDE associated with general anaesthesia while undergoing a surgical procedure. During the near-death experience, Veronique apparently saw many people who were in perfect health condition. However, these people did not have exact faces, but they were more like white lights, and Veronique describes them as 'living torchlights'.

"I knew that those people were extremely beautiful, in excellent health because they were radiating beauty and health, and they were well dressed. Above all, I knew that between them there was a very good atmosphere where everything is in perfect harmony. They had a shared love and they had been infinitely kind towards each other and towards me. I knew all this about them, but I didn't see their faces or clothes. They looked like white lights or more descriptive, like living torchlights," wrote Veronique on the NDERF website.

Veronique also added that she apparently felt the presence of God during the near-death experience. She even made it clear that all religions in this world are trying to connect humans to God.

What causes near-death experience?

As the testimonial shared by Veronique on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation went viral on online spaces, spiritualists started arguing that the afterlife is real, as depicted in religious textbooks. However, as per medical experts, it is a survival technique adopted by the human brain which is resulting in these visual hallucinations.

During life-threatening events, the brain will not receive sufficient oxygen, and at these moments, it will try to adjust with the less oxygen supply which will make victims see weird flashes and events.