Life After Death? Woman Says She Was Greeted by Loved Ones During NDE

Melinda assured that she clearly got separated from her body during her final moments, and she also saw doctors trying to save her life

Since the day humans attained consciousness, everyone is trying to uncover the mysteries surrounding death, which is considered the ultimate end, according to medical science. However, spiritualists have a different perspective of death, and they believe that the real journey of a human soul begins after taking their last breath.

Adding up the heat to this ' life after death' theory, a woman named Melinda has shared her mindblowing afterlife experience on a website dedicated to near-death experience victims.

Dead People Will be Greeted by Loved Ones

life after death

Melinda has shared her seemingly unbelievable experience on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) website. On the website, Melinda revealed that she was pulled to the mouth of death after she suffered from hemorrhage, 31 days after giving birth to a child.

Unlike other near-death experience victims, Melinda apparently saw a dark tunnel, but at the end of the tunnel, there was a bright light, which Melinda calls 'shining love'. During these magical moments, she saw her great uncle Harry Ed, and aunty Vicky. According to Melinda, those moments were so lovely, and she felt like returning home. She also made it clear that her mind was filled with bliss and happiness.

"I had a life review where I saw every single event from my life. I saw every act of goodness and kindness. I saw every act of spite or ill-will. I also got to see it from the other person's point of view. Although time did not exist, this life review took forever but in reality, it was only a blink of a second. I didn't want to go back because I was surrounded by love and the light was a god. I realized that we are all brothers and sisters," Melinda wrote on the website.

Melinda Got Separated From Her Body

In the testimonial shared, Melinda made it clear that her body was completely separated from her soul. She also claimed to have seen doctors and other healthcare staff trying hard to save her life. Melinda added that she felt more consciousness and alertness during these final moments. The testimonial shared by Melinda has already caught the attention of extreme religious believers, and they reveal that experiences like these are hinting at the existence of life after death.

However, medical experts assure that these weird visual hallucinations are the result of a survival trick adopted by the human brain. During life-threatening moments, the human body will face hypoxia, and brain cells will face deprivation in oxygen supply. At these moments, the brain will adopt a survival trick to cope up with the less supply, and it is resulting in these weird events.