Reaching Out to Aliens Could be a Terrible Idea, Says American Physicist

Several top space experts believe that aliens could destroy humanity if they get interested on Earth.

As space agencies like NASA are trying hard to find proof of alien life in distant nooks of the universe, top American physicist Michio Kaku has warned that reaching out to aliens could be a bad idea for humanity. According to Kaku, aliens might be friendly, but human initiatives to make the first contact may be gambling.

Aliens may be Hostile

In a recent interview, Kaku claimed that advancements in space science could help humans to locate aliens in the coming years. However, he believes that making the first contact should be done in a very careful manner, as sometimes, extraterrestrials could be hostile.

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"Soon we'll have the Webb telescope up in orbit and we'll have thousands of planets to look at, and that's why I think the chances are quite high that we may make contact with an alien civilization. There are some colleagues of mine that believe we should reach out to them. Now, personally, I think that aliens out there would be friendly but we can't gamble on it. So I think we will make contact but we should do it very carefully," said Kaku.

Advanced Aliens Could Destroy Humanity

Michio Kaku is not the only expert who has issued a warning on alien first contact. A few weeks back, Jacco van Loon, astrophysicist and director of Keele Observatory at Keele University, had warned that humans should be very careful while dealing with aliens as advanced extraterrestrial species could be hostile in nature.

In an article written on The Conversation, van Loon revealed that aliens may destroy humanity if they are interested in earth, as the blue planet is the perfect place for life to thrive and evolve.

"They may be interested in our planet. Earth has perfect conditions for life. Aliens might need another home, if for some reason – such as climate change, nuclear war, or an enormous asteroid impact – they had to leave their own planet. It's also possible that they would not be looking for friendship. There are plenty of examples from our history of times when humans have traveled somewhere on Earth and acted cruelly, killing or enslaving the people that lived there. Aliens settling on Earth might want us out of their way," wrote van Loon.

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