SHOCKING: Unknown Alien Space Vessels Heading Towards Earth, Warns NASA

NASA revealed unknown space objects, which are not meteors, are heading towards Earth at a mind-blowing speed.

NASA, the United States space agency, has shockingly claimed that a fleet of unknown space objects is heading towards Earth. In a recent statement, NASA revealed that these objects lack the characteristics of meteors, which means they could be alien probes.

Possibility of a First Contact

In the statement, NASA revealed that these meteors will land on several parts of the Pacific ocean and the Bay of Bengal on April 09, 2021. As the origin of these alien flying vessels remains unknown, NASA has already called for an urgent meeting to determine the nature of these objects.

Reptilian aliens
Representational Image Pixabay

A NASA chief scientist, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed that Earth is going to witness similar events that were depicted in the Hollywood movie World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles, directed by Jonathan Liebesman. The movie depicted similar events where NASA initially detected a swarm of meteors that later turned out to be alien space vessels.

NASA Planning to Use Nuclear Weapons Against Aliens

In the meantime, a section of top scientists has warned NASA that the approaching aliens could be advanced than humans, and if they land on earth, they could cause total destruction. To avoid this scenario, NASA is now apparently planning to nuke these space ships before it enters Earth's atmosphere. However, a possible nuking could result in a debris rain which could also affect humanity badly. But NASA scientists believe that the only way to save Earth is by destroying the ships before it reaches our planet.

Meanwhile, a section of conspiracy theorists has started claiming that NASA was well aware of the alien approach, and that was the reason behind the launch of Space Force. The United States space agency is also searching for a possible translator who can decode the alien language. Close sources to NASA claim that they are also planning to consult Hollywood directors to draft a proper escape plan for humans if aliens invade us.

So, are you expecting advanced extraterrestrials invading Earth as depicted in Hollywood movies like Independence Day and Mars Attacks!? As today is April 1, we believe you should wait for some more years. Have a good laugh on April Fool's Day!

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