UFO Footage Captured by US Destroyer Leaks Online; Jeremy Corbell Calls it Transmedium Vehicles

In the video, a triangular UFO with emanating lights can be seen moving across the skies in an eerie manner.

It was in 2018 that The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences released the now-infamous clip of tic-tac UFO that baffled US Navy pilots. Later, the Pentagon also confirmed the authenticity of the footage and made it clear that a program named AATIP (Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program) was carried out to unravel mysteries surrounding these sightings. And now, another UFO video has been leaked on the internet, and the footage was supposedly captured by a US Navy destroyer.

Jeremy Corbell Releases UFO Video

Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, known for making documentaries for Netflix and Hulu, has released the leaked clip on his Instagram page. On his Instagram page, Corbell revealed that he has received the UFO video from an anonymous person, and also claimed to have access to detailed information on an alleged intelligence briefing conducted by the Pentagon into Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

Alleged UFO video captured by US Navy destroyer Instagram/Jeremy Corbell

Corbell claimed that the in the initial moments of this 18-second clip taken on board the USS Russell, three faint orbs can be seen hovering in the sky. Later, a triangular UFO with emanating lights appears in the sky, and it can be seen moving across.

The triangular UFO is apparently surrounded by two other fainter objects, and it is still unclear whether these two fainter objects are lens flares.

"It is noted that the 'spherical' craft was suspected to be a transmedium vehicle and was observed descending into the water without destruction. It is noted that the 'spherical' craft could not be found upon entry to the water - and that a submarine was used in the search," says Corbell.

Are Aliens Real?

The video shared by Corbell has already gone viral on online spaces, and it has made several people believe that alien existence on Earth could be real. A few weeks earlier, former Israeli space security chief Haim Eshed had also shared similar views, and he claimed that alien existence on Earth is real.

Eshed also added that an advanced extraterrestrial species is working together with world powers like the United States and Israel. The former space security chief shockingly revealed that there is a secretive underground base on Mars where aliens and humans are working together.

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