Rapper Changmo Under Fire for Calling People Under 6 Feet Losers

Rapper Changmo has come under fire for posting several insensible statements on Instagram. The Rockstar singer updated his Instagram stories with some remarks on Monday. They captured the attention of social media users for all the wrong reasons.

The controversial posts featured a series of photos with captions on them. The first picture featured the rooftop view of a valley. The image was accompanied by the caption: "Losers are typically under 180 (cm 5'11" tall) and can't earn money". The second still featured eatables and it had the caption: "Men and women shouldn't fight, please".

The third image featured the photo of a red Ferrari. Changmo captioned it: "Everyone should just live without comparing yourself to others. Well, I'm not going to go sell this!" The fourth photo uploaded by the rapper featured the Gyeongbokgung Palace. He captioned it: "I hate Joseon (era) but this is cool."

The posts immediately captured the attention of several netizens. They took screenshots of them and posted them on various social media platforms. The images quickly went viral online. Some of the users criticized the rapper for his insensitive statements.

Netizens' Reactions

He's speaking whatever just because he's going to the army.

I hope he's joking.

Is this what people call hip hop?

Changmo dissed me out of the blue

Are you saying people can't make money under 1,800,000 won (Korean minimum salary) or they can't make money if they are under 180cm tall?

Rapper Changmo
South Korean Rapper Changmo. Instagram

Rapper Changmo Apologies

The Maestro singer apologized to all his fans a day later for posting insensitive statements on Instagram. In his post, he also explained the reason for posting such stories on the photo-sharing platform. According to the rapper, he received several malicious comments online on that day. He just tried to reply to all his haters.

Changmo also stated that it was not the right thing to do. Several of his fans and other people got hurt because of his generalized statements. So, he apologized to all the people who got hurt because of his actions.


The rapper is currently gearing up for his military enlistment. He informed his followers about the mandatory military service through an Instagram post last month.

"I will be enlisting in the military next year (2022). When I enter, I want to overcome my alcohol dependency", Changmo wrote.