Actress Kim Da Mi Expresses her Interest in Work with Our Beloved Summer Actor Choi Woo Sik Again

Actress Kim Da Mi, who portrayed a realistic PR expert named Kook Yeon Soo in the SBS romantic drama Our Beloved Summer, has expressed her interest in working with actor Choi Woo Sik again in the next project. The actress revealed that she enjoyed working with the actor in the new mini-series.

Da Mi shared screen space with Woo Sik for the first time in the 2018 horror thriller The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion. She enjoyed the reunion as she felt comfortable working with Woo Sik from the first day of filming Our Beloved Summer, the actress said. Da Mi said it was different filming to work with Woo Sik again. But she enjoyed filming with Woo Sik.

The actress also said she felt it would be difficult for Yeon Soo to survive without Woong Gi while portraying the characters onscreen with Woo Sik. It is because there was no awkwardness between them during the filming process. The actors felt comfortable with each other, the actress continued.

Kim Da Mi Plans to Reunite with Choi Woo Sik in the Next Project

The actress then expressed her interest in working with Our Beloved Summer co-star again. Da Mi said she wishes to portray a married couple in the next project with Woo Sik. She said working with him again could be fun and revealed that it would be good to show a dynamic spectrum of emotions as a couple in the next project together.

Kim Da Mi
Actress Kim Da Mi in SBS drama Our Beloved Summer. Twitter/SBS

"I enjoyed working with him. We already knew each other and were close. So there was no awkward air even from the first day of filming. There was a different feeling from The Witch, but we enjoyed filming as Yeon Soo and Woong Yi so much that I don't think Yeon Soo would exist without Woong Yi", Da Mi said

"I think we would be more comfortable by the time if we were to play the role of a married couple. I enjoyed our chemistry while filming action scenes for The Witch, but I want to try to act with him in a project where we can show a dynamic spectrum of emotions. I think filming anything with Choi Woo Sik would be fun", she added.

Kim Da Mi Shares her Thoughts About Our Beloved Summer

The actress said the SBS romantic comedy-drama was packed with several realistic aspects, especially when it comes to dating. It is a factor that helped in the drama's success, she added. Da Mi also said she never thought that people could enjoy the project. The actress took up the project because she liked the script. She had fun while filming and wished for its success.

Our Beloved Summer
A poster of SBS drama Our Beloved Summer. Twitter/SBS

Da Mi then said she thinks the viewers enjoyed the mini-series as much as she liked it while filming. The actress said she felt emptiness and sadness after the filming ended. It is a project that she could remember, the actress added.

"I just took the role because I enjoyed reading the script, and I heard that the male lead would be (Choi) Woo Sik, so I thought I would have much fun filming. I had to show the character of Kook Yeon Soo starting from her adolescence in high school to when she became a company woman. So I tried my best to differentiate Kook Yeon Soo according to age. I hoped that the viewers would enjoy the drama as much as I had while filming, and I'm happy that it happened as I hoped for", she said.