Oh My Girl Member Mimi Shares Secret Tips to Stay Slim Without Compromising on Food

Oh My Girl member Mimi has shared several secret tips to stay slim without sacrificing favorite snacks and desserts. She shared these tips while interacting with her fans through messaging. The messages started trending after a netizen posted them on an online forum. The post immediately captured the attention of several users who were curious to know how to look thin quickly.

The post that was shared online with the title, The reason why this female idol can eat 15 ice creams and not gain weight, has a lot of six tips Mimi shared with her fans through Bubble messaging. According to these messages, there is no shortcut to looking thin. Hard work and determination can make anything possible.

However, the post evoked curiosity among several netizens. They wanted to know how a person stays slim while enjoying favorite snacks and desserts. The post stated that Mimi's tips could be helpful to those people who could quickly gain weight.

The person, who uploaded the post, stated that the Oh My Girl member once claimed that she had 15 ice cream servings a day. Still, she stays fit and slim. Mimi is a type of person who will gain weight quickly. So, the secret behind her slender figure is her hard work, the user wrote.

The person then shared the six secret tips Mimi shared with her fans on Bubble messaging to stay slim.

Oh My Girl member Mimi
Oh My Girl member Mimi has shared tips to stay slim. Instagram

Here are the Six Secret Tips by Mimi to Stay Slim

Healthy Breakfast, Balanced Lunch, and Dinner Before Six: The Oh My Girl member revealed that she begins her day with a hearty breakfast. She also makes to eat a balanced lunch. But for dinner, Mimi makes sure that she takes it before six in the evening.

"I exercise, I don't eat anything after 6 PM, the end. After I come home from work at 6 PM, how do I endure because of hunger? Wake up early and eat a hearty breakfast. Then, also eat a balanced lunch", Mimi's Bubble message read.

Boxing, Pilates, Gymnastics, and More: Mimi loves exercising. She uses her free time for physical activities. Boxing, Pilates, gymnastics, dancing, choreography, and home training are some methods she uses to stay fit.

"l thought working out was for physical health, but it's also good for mental health. When I started boxing, my lethargic daily life has changed a lot. As soon as I see myself sweating, I feel like I have pushed myself further, and at the same time, I feel a great sense of accomplishment, asking myself how far I can do", Mimi said during an interview with Elle Korea last year.

The person, who posted about Mimi online, concluded his post by explaining how surprised he was about her stamina.

'She says she finds enjoyment in exercising to the point where it helps her relieve her stress. So she pushes her fans to exercise too (she's not reprimanding them lol). I'm so jealous of Mimi's stamina...She eats what she wants and enjoys exercising, so her happiness level must be at the maximum", the Netizen stated.

Oh My Girl is gearing to make a comeback with a new album in March. The girl group will release its first project in 10 months. They released their last album, titled Dear OhMy Girl, in May 2021.