After MJ, ASTRO member JinJin Temporary Halts All Activities Due to Health Problems

Days after ASTRO member MJ decided to take a break from all his activities due to health issues, teammate JinJin temporarily halted all the activities due to health problems. Entertainment agency, Fantagio, released an official statement informing the fans about the K-pop idols currently condition.

In the statement that was released on February 6, the record label stated that JinJin would postpone all his upcoming scheduled for the day and take a rest. According to the statements, details about the ASTRO member's future schedules would be revealed after monitoring his health.

There were two events scheduled for JinJin on Sunday. The K-pop idol had to be a part of the ED LIVE Artist Class, which was scheduled for February 6 Noon. A fan signing event was also scheduled for the evening. JinJin and Rocky were supposed to meet the fans for the signing event of their first mini-album Restore at 4.30 pm KST on Sunday. Both the events are postponed due to the health issues of the ASTRO member JinJin.

ASTRO member JinJin takes temporary halt from all activities. Instagram

Here is the Official Statement Released by Fantagio:

As mentioned above, ASTRO member MJ has also temporarily halted his activities due to health issues. Fantagio released an official statement about it on January 30. The record label stated that MJ was struggling with some health issues during the promotional activities. So, he went to the hospital for a thorough check-up. According to his doctor, the K-pop idol needs treatment and sufficient rest for his recovery.

The entertainment agency also stated that MJ will just focus on his recovery while he takes a break. AROHA, the official Fanclub of ASTRO, will be informed about all the future activities of MJ, and the agency will also update the fans about his recovery.

ASTRO member MJ has taken a break from all activities due to health issues. Instagram

The Official Statement of Fantagio is as Below:

While MJ and JinJin take a temporary halt from all their activities, ASTRO members Sanga and Moonbin are preparing for their first-ever come back as a unit next month. They will release their second mini-album in March. The pre-release single, titled Ghost Town, will be released on February 11.

The album will feature the strong vocals of Moonbin and Sanga while showcasing their abilities to pull off any concepts, according to Fantagio.