Park Yoochun's sexual assault attempt cannot be proved with DNA sample - Report

A sixth victim has accused the singer for similar ill treatment.

A lawyer has revealed that the DNA evidence will not be sufficient to sentence Park Yoochun in sexual assault case. Reportedly, the DNA match is not a proof of forced physical relation.

Recently, MBC's Section TV showcased JYJ member's sexual assault story where a lawyer opened up about the case. He told the media outlet that the case requires strong eye witnesses to prove the molestation and sexual abuse that happened at the adult entertainment center. He said: "The DNA evidence will only tell if Yoochun had sexual relations with the plaintiff. It's not enough to prove that the relationship was forced."

"For sexual assault, how detailed and consistent the plaintiff's witness is very important. Accounts of people that were at the same place, as well as the layout of the location can become very important evidence," the lawyer further added.

It has been previously reported that the police have collected Yoochun's oral cavity so as to compare with the DNA found on first victim's underwear. The result of the gathered sample is said to be out by the end of this week.

In a recent development in the former TVXQ member's case, reportedly, a sixth victim has accused the singer of similar ill-treatment. As per Allkpop report, the unnamed woman has accused Yoochun of forcing her on 4 June, the same date when the first victim, Miss Lee, filled the case against the singer.

Two of the employees has testified the victim's say: "N (the victim) went into the bathroom to redress herself. Yoochun followed her with a bunch of 50,000 KRW bills (supposedly tip) held in his hand."

The sixth accuser is said to be a stripper who danced for Yoochun's group on that day.