Park Yoochun was reportedly not in Korea on the dates given by the third and the fourth victim in the sexual assault case. According to a report in Sports World on 21 June, the news outlet stated that on both the dates, as given by the victims in their testimony, Yoochun was in a foreign land for his career engagements.

The source revealed that on 12 June, 2014, the 30-year-old was in China and was busy preparing for his Asia tour, The Return of King concert. While in February 2015, the time given by the fourth victim in her testimony, the singer was in China again for his upcoming fan meet.

C-Jes Entertainment has reportedly given out details of Yoochun's airport departure and arrival to the police for their consideration.

However, the company did not deny or confirm any of the media reports. It stated: "We have not officially received the information for the 2nd-4th cases. Also, we have not responded to any of the exclusive reports by media outlets. We've said this multiple times, but we will be giving our official statement after the results of the investigation."

Meanwhile in a recent development in the case, the Korean National Forensic Service has found male DNA on the underwear of the victims submitted as an evidence. However, the police did not reveal if the particular DNA matches with Yoochun's blood sample.