Park Yoochun sexual assault case: Fifth victim comes forward

The accuser did not file the complaint fearing indignity and humiliation.

The mystery behind Park Yoochun's sexual assault case does not seem to unravel anytime soon. In a latest update in the high profile molestation case, an unnamed fifth victim has appeared throwing similar allegations on the JYJ group member.

On 28 June, media outlet, Dispatch, revealed that yet another victim, who is said to be a former employee of 10Cafe, has accused the 30-year-old singer for forcing her into making sexual relation with him. However, the accuser did not file the complaint fearing humiliation.

As proof, the victim also presented few messages which she exchanged with her friends on the night of incident. The text read: "I was almost raped. Park Yoochun (expletive)."

The victim explained that the singer-turned-actor came in as a customer on the night of the incident and forced him upon her in the bathroom. The woman said: "The band came in. The music was on. Yoochun called me into the bathroom. He then tried to force me to have relations with him."

She further added that she was lucky enough to slip out of the rest room.

Adding on, two of the other employees of the entertainment establishment also affirmed of Yoochun going to bathroom with a new girl every time. The eye-witnesses stated: "When the band started playing, he would go to the bathroom with a partner. We don't know what happened in the bathroom. You can't hear anything because of the band."

They added: "When Yoochun went into the bathroom, his acquaintances would laugh. It seemed as if they knew what happened in there. We suspected it, but weren't sure."

However, both the employees seemed skeptical on tagging the incident as "sexual assault or rape". They told the media outlet: "Maybe some women did it because they wanted to. However, we're sure there are some who didn't want to. Still, it'd be difficult to come out with something like this because we do this kind of work. They'd probably have all sorts of thoughts going through their heads."