Park Yoochun's agency, C-JeS Entertainment, who has remained tight lipped on the singer's sexual assault case until now, has finally stepped forward to address the issue.

While the victims of the molestation case are increasing everyday, the agency stated that the reason it did not take action earlier, because they wanted to follow the right path and take apt legal action after the revelation of the truth.

The agency stated: "Regarding the various articles and things related to Yoochun that's been reported recently, C-JeS Entertainment had been trying to refrain from taking any action all this time. Rather than taking action through the media about an accusation in which the facts are completely unknown, we believed that the right order was to wait for the results of the police investigation after which we would take the right legal course of action."

The entertainment agency also revealed that they are planning to slap the charges of blackmail and false accusation against the first accuser, Miss Lee, who has already withdrawn the case against the former TVXQ member testifying that the sexual relation was not forced upon.

The official note from C-JEs read: "We plan to submit a complaint at the Gangnam Police Station on Monday on the charges of blackmail and false accusation against the first accuser for which the minimum facts have at least been gathered."

"Also, regarding the second round of lawsuits afterwards, we plan to take firm action for false accusations as the facts come out. We plan to actively cooperate with the police investigation in order to prove Yoochun's chivalry and recover his image," the agency explained.