Park Yoochun sexual assault case: Singer to appear before police

Park Yoochun is set to face the investigation team on 30 June.

Park Yoochun will be heading to Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on 30 June following his involvement in multiple sexual assault cases. The police agency has reportedly summoned the actor to appear for investigation after four of the victims accused the singer of molestation.

The 30-year-old was scheduled to appear before the police at 10 am on 30 June. However, on 29 June, the singer's agency made an appeal for postponing the scheduled time in lieu of his military services. Yoochun will now face the investigation at 6:30 pm on the same date.

Giving their side of explanation, Yoochun's agency stated: "If [Yoochun] appears at 10 a.m., he could risk abandoning his post [in the military] so making an appearance [at 10 a.m.] will actually be difficult; thus, he will appear at 6:30 p.m. [on June 30] instead."

The police representative further quoted Allkpop: "We don't exactly know the code of conduct concerning public service regulations but it's possible that [Yoochun] was unable to receive an official notice or an off day from the district office which could result in abandonment of his post."

"If Mr. Park consents, we plan to proceed with our investigations past midnight but considering his duties the following day, we will try not to hold him too long," police asserted.

Adding on, the police staffer added that they will hold a question and answer round first relating to the assault cases, before checking into the blackmailing countersuit by the agency against the first victim. The police are also planning to collect Yoochun's oral cavity sample to match with the DNA found on the first accuser's underwear.