Mysterious red flaming object that circled through the sky in Cambridgeshire puzzles witness

The eyewitness who saw the mysterious event claimed that the flying object was neither a meteorite nor a shooting star

On April 15, a mysterious red flaming object appeared in the skies above Cambridgeshire, and it spiralled through the skies for more than 20 minutes, before disappearing behind some trees.

The creepy sky event was witnessed by Gerry Underwood, a canal boat owner in Stretham, around 8 PM. The eyewitness claimed to have seen the eerie descent of the unidentified flying object (UFO) for more than 20 minutes, and he has no idea what was it.

Eyewitness statement adds up to the mystery

UFO in cambridgeshire
The mysterious flying object that descended from the skies in Cambridgeshire Cambridgeshire Live

In a recent interaction with Cambridgeshire Live, Underwood revealed what exactly he saw on Wednesday. Underwood assured that the bizarre object he saw on the skies was neither a meteorite nor a shooting star.

"It looked like a very thick chemtrail to start with. It looked like a short, skinny cloud. It wasn't moving quickly at all. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a meteorite because they are gone in seconds. We have seen hundreds of shooting stars, but this definitely wasn't that either. This was coming down very slowly and spiralling. It started to glow orange as you can see in the pictures," Underwood told Cambridge Live.

Underwood also added that flames were coming out of the back of this mysterious flying object. As the object descended from the skies, Underwood captured some stunning photographs that show the falling flying object and the trail that is left behind. "The sheer size of it is what's got me. When you look at the pictures, they show the trees in the foreground and its way beyond that, it was very big. It landed beyond the horizon, that's how big it was - we couldn't see it land," added Underwood.

UFO sightings on the rise

The new flying object sighting was reported just a few days after another UFO was spotted in Detroit. The video of the creepy sky event was shared to YouTube by a channel named BP Tech Fix, and in the clip, a fleet of unknown spacecraft can be seen hovering across the skies in a formation.

The video uploaded by the conspiracy theory channel soon went viral, and most of the viewers outlandishly claimed that this UFO sighting is concrete evidence of alien existence.