UFO hunter claims to have discovered living entities near sun, says they are god-like beings

The alien hunter claimed that the mysterious UFO spotted near the sun is more than 1.5 kilometers wide

UFO near sun
UFO near Sun Helioviewer/ET Data Base

Scott C Waring is a popular name among conspiracy theorists, as this researcher who operates from Taiwan has exposed several anomalies in photos taken by NASA from the moon and Mars. Even though skeptics have several times dismissed the findings of Waring findings as classic cases of pareidolia, conspiracy theorists strongly believe that his discoveries indicate presence of alien existence within the solar system.

Waring's new discovery near the sun

Recently, Waring discovered a giant UFO near the sun, and he claimed that the finding was made from photos uploaded to NASA's helioviewer. However, this time, Waring claimed that these UFOs spotted in the images are not mere spacecraft, but living beings that are highly intelligent. As no living beings can survive in space which is void of oxygen, Waring claimed that these entities could be most probably God-like creatures.

"The object is huge, looks planet size, but I believe to be about 1.5km across and very close to the satellite and moves in jumps from place to place, often at or around the speed of light, sometimes leaving trails seen on camera. So, are these energy beings ships, not beings? Not likely, why would an energy being need a ship? Are they gods? Maybe in our terms of what a god is...they are. But god the creator...I don't think so. Just god-like beings," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Is human understanding about the universe limited?

Waring claimed that human understanding of the universe is very limited, and we used to analyze every happening in the cosmic from our perspective. The self-proclaimed alien hunter also made it clear that the universe has its own laws and rules, which is something beyond the conscience of human beings.

"Where are the species arms and legs you ask? Why would an omnipotent being needs arms, legs or head? We as humans view things as if everything must happen according to our rules. However the universe has its own rules...and doesn't care about ours," added Waring.

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