NASA's ISS stream captures UFO disk hovering above Earth?

A live NASA broadcast from the International Space Station appears to capture what alien experts are claiming to be a UFO hovering above Earth's atmosphere

New video footage from a NASA's live feed of the International Space Station, which was broadcast earlier this month, seems to have captured what appears to be an unidentified flying object (UFO) in Earth's orbit.

Alien life and UFO expert Scott Waring of ETDatabase shared the footage in his latest blog post. The strange disk-shaped object was first discovered by the folks at Secureteam10, which is known for alien and UFO-related news, leaks and information.

UFO disk above Earth
YouTube /Secureteam10

"At the 5 min mark in this video, Secureteam10 talks about a UFO seen at the space station on live cam. This UFO looks like a classic disk design," Waring said in his post. "The metallic glint is unmistakable. It looks to be in lower orbit as the space station passes it in upper orbit. Awesome catch, very rare, but absolutely real."

UFO or pocket of clouds?

At around the five-minute mark in the video, dubbed "Multiple Giant Objects Pass The Moon," the Secureteam10 expert points out that although many might dismiss the UFO sighting as nothing more than a pocket of clouds in Earth's atmosphere, there is a very logical explanation behind why that's not possible.

"Definitely looks like an object sitting amidst this large cloud covering," the expert in the video's background says. "I mean, it's nothing but cloud covering but clouds reflect light in a different way and when you have something such as a metallic object or something of that nature, they reflect light a very different way.

"So, it appears that sitting in the clouds here we have something... metallic that is reflecting light back towards the camera," he adds.

Return of the Shuttle Atlantis UFO?

The disk-shaped UFO appears to be similar to the alien spacecraft Waring spotted flying near the Atlantis Space Shuttle in one of NASA's photos earlier this year. The self-styled expert was going through the agency's Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth collection when he came across a photo that shows what he claims to be a UFO disk. The image was captured during the STS-61B mission of the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

STS-61B served as the 23rd Space Shuttle mission and was officially launched on Nov. 26, 1985, with the objective of deploying communication satellites in space.

Shuttle Atlantis UFO
The photo that caught Waring’s attention was taken during the STS-61B mission of the Space Shuttle Atlantis. NASA

As visible in the photo above, you can see a circular disk hovering in Earth's orbit. Zooming in on the photo reveals the object's perfectly circular form with a dome-like feature at its center. In NASA's image, the object has been labeled as a satellite, which is in line with the mission's objective.

However, Waring believes that the object has been mistakenly identified by NASA as he has found other UFOs in the same archive such as 2011's viral Black Knight Satellites.

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