Alien contact near? Hundreds of bright UFOs spotted in NASA's ISS live feed

The UFO video has made many believe that astronauts aboard the International Space Station are aware of alien existence

Unidentified flying objects (UFO) near ISS YouTube: Mavi777

A seemingly creepy video uploaded to YouTube by a conspiracy theory channel named 'Mavi777' is now the hottest topic of debate among conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts. In the video, hundreds of unidentified flying objects (UFO) can be seen flying in formation near the International Space Station (ISS), and the video uploaded claims that the strange footage was shot by NASA's ISS live feed camera.

Alien contact near?

The UFO discovery was originally made by a person named Rodrigo Alvarez, and it gained popularity after it was shared by Mavi777. In the video, the uploader also claims that the bizarre sighting near the International Space Station happened on April 4.

As the video uploaded to YouTube went viral, viewers have also flocked to give their views on the bizarre event. Most of those who watched the video affirm that alien existence is a reality, and make it clear that the extraterrestrial beings are gearing up for the first contact. These people also believe that astronauts aboard the ISS are very much aware of alien existence, and some of them outlandishly argue that the astronauts are in touch with extraterrestrials.

A section of other conspiracy theorists believes that the flying objects could most probably be the United States space force that is already operational in the skies.

However, skeptics have a more convincing explanation. According to them, the lights could be coming from heavily populated areas on the earth that seem to be moving as the International Space Station orbits.

Did a UFO follow ISS for more than 20 minutes?

A few weeks back, popular conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring released a strange video that showed a UFO following the ISS for more than 20 minutes. Waring also claimed that the bus-sized UFO was moving at the same speed as the ISS which moves at a speed of 7.7 kilometers per second.

At the end of the creepy footage, the UFO can be seen shooting upwards, and later it vanishes.

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