Did this alien hunter just spot strange trinagular object in Antarctica using Google Maps?

  • He questions why it was not retrieved by NASA still,

  • Alien hunter claims it could be a grounded UFO

UFO Antarctica
Alleged flying vessel spotted in Antarctica ET Data Base/Google Maps

Several conspiracy theorists strongly believe that alien existence is real, and these extraterrestrial beings have already visited the earth. In order to substantiate their views, they cite examples of several UFO sighting incidents. Adding up the heat to this seemingly bizarre hypothesis, a prominent alien hunter has claimed to have discovered a flying vessel in Antarctica.

Scott C Waring's alien discoveries continue

Scott C Waring is a self-proclaimed alien hunter who is currently operating from Taiwan, and in his career, he has apparently discovered several anomalies in images taken by NASA from the moon and Mars. Now, the extraterrestrial enthusiast has apparently spotted a flying vessel-like structure in Antarctica.

As per Waring, this UFO was buried inside the snow in Antarctica for several years, but due to global warming, ice has started melting, and the flying object has resurfaced. The conspiracy theorist also made it clear that he discovered this UFO on Lavoisier Island using Google Maps.

"I was looking over an island in the Antarctic region when I came across a TR3B craft. The triangle craft has a hump in the middle and a thicker edge with three sides. It looks metallic and it is sitting in an area that appears to be the location of an ancient alien base. This craft was revealed after warm years had melted the ice and snow revealing the secret craft below. This is 100% evidence that aliens have lived on Earth long before humanity ever made cites," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base, after making this discovery.

It should be noted that TR-3B, as noted by Waring, is an alleged flying vessel developed by the US Air Force (USAF) during the time of the Cold War. As per conspiracy theorists, TR-3B is an antigravity vessel, and the US military has made use of alien technology to develop this craft.

Viewers reaction to Waring's discovery

After watching the video that detailed Waring's discovery, viewers also shared their theories to explain this creepy finding. Most of the viewers argued that this UFO could be most probably an alien craft, and they believe that governments are covering up facts about aliens for sinister reasons.

"I think that NASA/JPL & associates all know that the ancient tri shaped craft is there Scott, but they don't want to retrieve it, because of possible regional geophysical land dangers, that retrieval teams might encounter just by trying to get at it alone I feel," commented X-15, a YouTube user.

However, scientists claim that most of the Waring's findings are classic cases of pareidolia, and they made it clear that the UFO discovered in Antarctica could be most probably a rock that came out of the snow following ice melting.

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