Mysterious Shiba Inu Whale Transfers $3 Million Worth SHIB Coins to a Different Wallet Address

An unidentified and mysterious Shiba Inu whale transferred 99,998,071,352 SHIB coins from Binance and moved it to a different wallet address in The overall worth of the coins stands at a staggering $2,904,618 at present value.

The transaction took place in two different parts within three minutes. At first the whale transferred 49,999,035,676 SHIB coins worth $1,455,026 from Binance to, and three minutes later transferred 49,999,035,676 SHIB coins worth $1,449,592 to the same Ethereum wallet address in

Shiba Inu Coin Token Cryptocurrency

However, the whale has not sold the Shiba Inu holdings but has only transferred it from Binance to ETH wallet in The reason for the transfer is not known but could be that the whale plans to stake the SHIB holdings for a passive income. The massive transfer was spotted by WhaleStats and reported the movement.

Right after Shiba Inu shot up +360% during the first week of October, whales began transferring their tokens to new and different wallet addresses. However, the exact reason for moving coins from one wallet to a different wallet remains a mystery.

Just a week ago, a mysterious whale transferred a whopping 6 trillion SHIB coins worth $80,856,857 to a different wallet address after gaining maximum profits from the investment due to the spike. Similarly, the whale did not sell the holdings but only transferred it to a different wallet address.

Surprisingly, just two days before Shiba Inu rose +360%, a mysterious whale purchased 6 trillion coins and topped it up with another 276 billion coins in three different installments the next day. Just two days after the massive investment, the whale saw his/her holdings rise three times in price. All this in a span of just two days.

Also, the whale who purchased 6 trillion SHIB coins on October 1 and the whale who transferred 6 trillion coins from one wallet to another wallet on October 7, 2021 are two different investors as their wallet addresses do not match.

Whales started taking entry position in Shiba Inu during the last week of July and the coin got listed on eToro the next month. Similarly, whale activities in SHIB doubled in August and the coin saw itself getting listed on WeBulll, Coinbase Pro, Binance and Coinbase the next month in September.

The latest whale movement suggests there could be another major listing and reports are doing the rounds that Robinhood would get Shiba Inu on board after they release their much awaited 'crypto wallet'.

Shiba Inu at the time of publishing was trading at $0.00002910 and is up +1.11% in the days trade.