Shiba Inu Whale Quietly Transfers 6 Trillion Coins Worth $80,856,857 to a Different Wallet Address

A Shiba Inu whale silently transferred 6 trillion SHIB coins to a different wallet address and the overall price of the holdings is worth $80,856,857.

Just three days before Shiba Inu went on a wild run rising 70% and knocking out a zero from its trade, The International Business Times was the first to report that a mysterious and unidentified whale made an entry position on October 1 by buying 6 trillion SHIB coins, and brought another 276 billion the next day in three different installments of 116 billion, 158 billion and 1 billion.

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The whale had purchased the 6 trillion coins for $43,838,916 and has close to doubled the investment in just a span of six days.

However, it is not known if the same whale has transferred the holdings to a different wallet address after booking profits, as the 'from' wallet address does not match the October 1 whale's purchase wallet address. The only similarity in question is the 6 trillion coins.

By the look of it, it could be that two different whales have held a bag of 6 trillion coins and one has made the move of transferring it to a different Ethereum wallet after gaining maximum profits from the investment.

However, the whale in question has not sold the 6 trillion SHIB coins but has only transferred it to a new and different wallet. The identity of the whale and the exact reason behind the transferring of funds from one wallet to another wallet remains to be a mystery.

The October 1 whale (6 trillion coins purchase) wallet address is '0xfa995305fdd5c1c5788d2767b8b48894009152dd' while the whale who transferred 6 trillion SHIB coins wallet address is '0x4f5eb798cfd1ab0185b34cd65d532213ee8ece62'.

The whales are apparently two different personalities as their wallet addresses do not match.

The trillions of coins is extremely large in volume that was not missed by WhaleStats and reported the transaction details.

Surprisingly, every time a whale has made an early entry position in Shiba Inu, weeks later the coin has seen itself getting listed on top exchange platforms.

The International Business Times reported the whale's movements in Shiba Inu in July and the coin got listed in eToro the next month in August. Similarly, we pointed out that Binance has purchased 84 trillion SHIB coins in July, the platform eventually listed Shiba Inu in September.

The same happened with WeBull and Coinbase, weeks before SHIB getting listed, mysterious whales took entry position on the coin.

Considering the recent whale purchases, Robinhood could well be on its way to list Shiba Inu on their platform and the firm could get SHIB on board after they release their much awaited crypto wallet.

Shiba Inu, at the time of publishing, was trading at $0.00003030 and is up +37.13% in the days trade. The coin has risen around +331.8% in just a span of a week.