Miss USA Organization Plunges into Disarray as Beauty Queens Resign Amid CEO's Playboy Past, Financial Strain, and Allegations of Mismanagement

In the latest developments, the Miss USA organization faces turmoil as two beauty queens relinquish their titles this week. Prior to their departure, concerns over the organization's management came to light, including the prolonged existence of a broken crown worn by Miss Teen USA, UmaSofia Srivastava.

Miss teen USA

Sources indicate that CEO Laylah Rose Loiczly struggled to address the issue due to financial constraints. Former social media manager Claudia Michelle, who resigned on May 3, asserted that Loiczly failed to fulfill contractual obligations by neglecting to repair the crown since October.

Financial strain intensified following the loss of a sponsorship deal, allegedly due to Loiczly's seating arrangement decisions at a pageant event. The departure of Miss USA, Noelia Voigt, citing "bullying and harassment," compounded the organization's challenges, followed swiftly by Srivastava's resignation as Miss Teen USA.

Loiczly, who acquired the Miss USA franchise last year, aimed to empower women but faced criticism, with allegations including past involvement with Playboy. Despite multiple requests for comment, neither Loiczly nor the Miss USA organization responded to inquiries.

Miss USA controversy

Recent revelations regarding Loiczly's past, including her appearance on a Playboy franchise magazine cover, raise questions about her public persona. Critics argue that her actions contradict the values she purportedly stands for.

Concerns extend beyond personal history to allegations of mismanagement and failure to pay staff. Former employees cite delayed payments and inadequate compensation, contributing to a growing sense of discontent within the organization.

Loiczly's controversial background, coupled with allegations of mismanagement, cast doubt on her ability to lead the Miss USA organization effectively. As scrutiny intensifies, stakeholders question the future of the pageants under her leadership.