Luxury Lingerie Brand Agent Provocateur Slammed For Not Being 'Provocative' Enough

Luxury British lingerie brand Agent Provocateur has turned heads due to its flamboyant, powerful and feminine designs since 1994 and gained the attention of Hollywood stars, musicians and celebrities alike who adorned it like a a trophy for everyone to envy.

From Madonna to Taylor Swift and Emma Roberts and many more, Agent Provocateur was their first go-to brand and even Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner proudly flaunted their AP lingerie on Instagram.

Agent Provocateur Mesh Bra Panty Lingerie
Twitter / Agent Provocateur

The brand made way for women to highlight dominance and catered to the uptown market designing one-of-a-kind lingerie sets that's too hard to ignore.

Women around the world dream of owning a piece of Agent Provocateur and don't mind splurging thousands of dollars just to get their hands on the premium lingerie.

However, it now looks like AP is in deep trouble not because they're proving bad quality lingerie, but patrons feel the brand has stopped being too provocative enough.

AP stood out from the crowd for their provocative style of designs and off lately, patrons have alleged that their designs are nothing but common and don't turn eyebrows anymore.

The luxury brand released yet another 'mesh collection' and highlighted their mesh triangle bra in colors of black, pink, orange and leopard print and a lingerie designing student who goes by the name Luna Minxx hit out at the collection and urged the brand to make their designing team work harder and not come up with lame designs that doesn't stick to its brand value.

''I'm sorry but your design team needs to be sacked. This is such a poor excuse for lingerie design and not at all what loyal AP fans want or expect of you, especially not for this price tag,'' she said.

''The whole point is for the lingerie to be provocative, to stand from a bold viewpoint and make people question the norm. It's supposed to make you feel sexy and a mesh triangle bra just does not cut it - I don't buy AP to wear every day. This brand has just gone so far down hill from what it used to be, get your act together or you will lose so many loyal customers,'' she commented.

Another user commented what's on every AP fans mind by saying, ''Why so basic?'' while the other commented, ''Mesh bras after two years of mesh bras? Wow. Groundbreaking.''

Lingerie brands have experienced increased scrutiny in the last few years and the first to face the heat was Victoria's Secret. The brand drew flak for promoting 'the perfect body' for decades and women felt subjected to their taunts and the lingerie giant now has completely revamped its message and is adding 'inclusive-for-all' lingerie.

The same scrutiny is now catching up with Agent Provocateur. Women lapped up every design of theirs's for decades and now are adding pressure on the brand to stay true to their style. If AP doesn't pay heed to their needs, it would end up being 'just another' lingerie brand in the market.