Luxury Lingerie Brand Agent Provocateur Receives Rave Reviews For its Latest Collection

Luxurious British lingerie brand Agent Provocateur was slammed last month for not staying true to their image as the company released a set of basic bras as part of their latest collection and was termed as being 'not provocative enough' as per their standards.

However, Agent Provocateur launched another timeless collection this month featuring their iconic signature styles of ensembles with the tag line 'Stir up some trouble' and made jaws drop with their exquisite designs, detailing and embroidery that one can die for.

Agent Provocateur, which was launched in 1994 has been an influential lingerie line for decades and highlighted the prominence of powerful women with their provocative designs by launching one-of-a-kind sets that is impossible to ignore.

Celebrities such as Madonna, Emma Roberts, Taylor Swift, Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, and many others regularly flaunt their AP lingerie on Instagram showcasing the beauty of its collectors edition.

The lingerie brand has also started catering to woman of all sizes and has roped in models having a normal sized figure than compared to their previous skinny models in all their advertising campaigns.

A user on Instagram pointed out that Agent Provocateur is headed in the right direction in terms of provocative designs and also in terms of hiring normal women to model their products, which in turn will encourage women of all sizes to try out their latest collection.

''I am very happy to see normal sized women finally starring in lingerie campaigns. Only a very very small percentage of women are very skinny like conventional models and using only very skinny models sends the message that a woman is entitled to wear pretty lingerie only if she is super skinny, a user said on Instagram.

The user also stated that lingerie brands can survive in the market only if they carter to woman of all sizes or will face a similar fate of Victoria's Secret if they fail to do so.

''Let's face it: with the number of super skinny women so small, lingerie brands have to find ways to appeal to normal sized women as well. That is, if they want to stay profitable of course. And ethical too,'' said the user.

The latest collection has received rave reviews all over social media and commended the brand for delivering lingerie that's different, unique and lastly provocative.