Shiba Inu Influencers Condemn Matt Wallace for Spreading Hate Against SHIB

Top cryptocurrency influencer Matt Wallace ruffled a lot of feathers with his harsh tweets about Shiba Inu after the coin spiked up 360% during the first week of October and his statements have not gone down well within the investor community.

Matt Wallace has been poking his nose into Shiba Inu's business lately claiming that it's not a worthwhile investment and people are going to lose money. However, the phenomenal rise of SHIB shows that people indeed gained a lot in terms of 'returns on investment' and the development exposed that Wallace is less of an influencer but a hatemonger.

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In a recent tweet targeting the Shiba Inu community, Matt Wallace tweeted, ''Going all in on Shiba Inu Coin! (Said nobody ever) and added a sarcastic tear and joy emoji. However, top Shiba Inu influencer Shytoshi Kusama came out lashing at Wallace for spreading hate against SHIB and called him ''incorrect'' and ''silly''.

Kusama, in his first ever hit-out tweet, replied to Wallace, ''Actually, the guys who said that a year ago are multimillionaires. Even the ones that started with thousands. Therefore, by simple logic, are you obviously incorrect and also silly. Which explains why you make videos a... *tweet abruptly stops* *back to your regular timeline*.''

This is not the first time Matt Wallace has spewed venom against Shiba Inu, the crypto influencer has been regularly spreading hate about not only SHIB but also SafeMoon on his timeline advising investors to not pour their money on these two tokens.

Also, when SHIB rose +360% last week, Dogecoin founder Billy Markus ended up blocking top Shiba Inu influencer Milkshake, simply because she replied to him on how SHIB can reach the $0.1 mark.

Markus, instead of indulging in a healthy debate, seems to simply block people who doesn't agree to what he has to say. He too was called out for his unruly behaviour.

Shiba Inu at the time of publishing was trading at $0.00002924 and is up +12.03% in the days trade. SHIB recently knocked out a zero from its trade and investors believe the coin is headed towards better fortunes in the coming months.