Life after #Megxit: A look into the future of the former Royal couple and their child in Canada

Post the dramatic #Megxit, the Duchess and Duke of Sussex Meghan Markle and Prince Harry seem to be settling into their new lives

Life after #Megxit, sounds like the name of an autobiographical book or a Hollywood film narrating the story of the Duchess and Duke of Sussex. However, in this case, truth is stranger than fiction with the future of the former Royal pairing a subject of discussion and speculation for the press.

It is a stark reality that the couple seems to be settling into quite nicely. By the looks of it, the pair are getting used to their new home in Canada, while Prince Harry has been jetting back-and-forth from Canada to England, to finalize his responsibilities to the crown.

No longer of service to the crown

Queen Elizabeth II and her entourage, have been suspiciously quiet on the details of the pair's departure from the throne as the couple are allowed to use the brand of "TheRoyalSussexes" on social media and so forth, signifying that they still have some ties to the crown despite giving up most on their quest for 'financial independence'. The split from the crown means that the couple can no longer hold 'lofty' titles and can no longer receive any payment from the crown.

Firstly, exiting from the crown if you are a member of the Royal family can mean many things. One among them is them no longer being referred to with "your royal highness" as a part of their title. The change has a ripple effect for their child Archie, who will no longer be considered a royal and shall be referred to as 'Master Mountbatten-Windsor".

Despite being members of the Royal family, they will stop receiving taxpayers' money as they are no longer part of the collective.

Markle happy at home with Archie; Daddy Prince on route to Canada

the duke
The Duke and Duchess head to Canada wikimediacommons

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle (38) seems to be enjoying the fruits of her decision as she was seen walking her two dogs with son Archie in a sling, sporting casual black leggings, hiking boots and a beanie at a park close to their waterfront home. The Duchess seemed happy and bright taking a walk as the security personnel trailed her.

This surely seems to be a new beginning for the Duchess who had made it quite clear that the duties to the crown were leaving her miserable and the fact that she was looking for a way to start afresh—something she has achieved.

As per the terms of the agreement that were worked out after their split from the crown, Markle kept a low profile, driving around in a Range Rover to run errands. Prince Harry gave a speech at a charity event on Sunday night where he said he had "no other option" other than stepping down from the duties to the crown with the hope of living a 'peaceful' life.

Prince Harry jetting around to reunite with his family

prince harry
Prince Harry running around between Canada and England after his exit from the crown wikimediacommons

Prince Harry Windsor (35) has his hands' full juggling the final responsibilities he shall have as a member of the Royal family and starting a new life with his wife and kid. He paced through a meeting with the Prime Minister of England and African leader on his bid to reunite with his wife and son in Canada. He was seen dressing casually in a blue beanie and jeans as he was escorted along the tarmac by two security guards.

Reports suggest that the Duke of Sussex was in such a hurry that he skipped Buckingham Palace evening reception he was supposed to co-host, with the brunt of responsibility falling on Prince William and wife Kate, skipping this event showed to the public that the feud between the brothers might still be ongoing.

Prince Harry was present at the UK-Africa Investment Summit in Greenwich with Prime Minister Boris Johnson by 11:40 AM on Monday, Jan. 20, meeting the presidents of Malawi, Mozambique and prime minister of Morocco.

Archie spent Christmas in Canada

He landed at Vancouver International Airport Monday, on British Airways flight 85 from London's Heathrow, according to MailOnline. Prince Harry also averted attending the "Buckingham Palace welcome for the African summit leaders" and let Prince Williams handle the event. All the signs seem to point towards the Royal Sussex's starting their new life in Canada and are going through a transition phase after leaving England.

Archie, their infant baby boy has not returned to England for the entirety of this year since the festive holiday season with his parents choosing to spend their time during Christmas in Canada at their £11 million waterfront mansion on Vancouver Island. Another solid reason that the Sussex's have decided to immigrate to Canada is to avoid the intolerable attention from the media and paparazzi. The couple is expected to live part-time in Canada and after a while move to the US.

The official announcement from the pair on Instagram, confirming their exit @instagram/theroyalsussexes
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